「歌うことは長寿への鍵」というスーザン・ブランツがシェアした記事をぼくもシェアし、その中の2つの重要なパラグラフをぼくなりに訳してみることにしました。ひょっとしたらピート・シーガーガーが長寿で姿勢がよく、衰えない知性をもっているのは、彼がいつも聴衆と一緒に歌っているからかもしらないと思いました。I decided to share the article "Singing: The Key to A Long Life" that Susan Branz shared. An...d I translated into Japanese two paragraphs from the article that I thought were important. While translating I thought the reason Pete Seeger is enjoying long life, good posture and continuing intelligence must be because he always encourage the audience to sing along with him. h. miura

I believe that singing is the key to long life, a good figure, a stable temperament, increased intelligence, new friends, super self-confidence, heightened sexual attractiveness and a better sense of humor. A recent long-term study conducted in Scandinavia sought to discover which activities related to a healthy and happy later life. Three stood out: camping, dancing and singing.

So I believe in singing to such an extent that if I were asked to redesign the British educational system, I would start by insisting that group singing become a central part of the daily routine. I believe it builds character and, more than anything else, encourages a taste for co-operation with others. This seems to be about the most important thing a school could do for you.
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Singing: The Key To A Long Life : NPR
Every week, British musician Brian Eno and his friends gather in a London flat for a night of a capella singing. Eno believes group singing is more than just a good time — he says it renews mind, body, spirit and community.